Rudy-Standard Poodle

Rudy, born February 10, 2014, is our Apricot AKC UKC Standard Poodle. He is as sweet as can be, and equally as goofy. When hes not playing tug of war with his siblings, you can find him thinking hes a lap dog, or burying his face in your lap just hoping for some love. Rudy loves to be the center of attention, and will be sure to paw you on the shoulder if he isn’t getting enough! Rudy, tall and gorgeous in stature, was our first male in the program. When he isn’t producing gorgeous babies, be is making sure to get all the scratches and treats he can!

Fun Fact: When hears his mamas car coming around the corner, he channels his inner kangaroo and jumps at least 4 feet high!

TitleRudy-Standard Poodle
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