October 24, 2020

Doodle Tales – Where Are They Now?!

Names: Ralphie & Willie Wilson!

Birthday: Ralphie – 2/10/17

Birthday: Willie Wilson – 7/14/19

Parents: Henrietta & Rudy

Breed: F1B Goldendoodles

Favorite Toy: Ralphie – Squeaky Tennis Balls

Favorite Toy: Willie Wilson- Little Plastic Hot Dog Toy!

Favorite Game: Hunting his brother (running super far away and creeping up until they lock eyes and attach each other!)

Favorite Food/Snack: Ralphie – Potato Chips and Homemade Sweet Potato Treats (look at previous posts on our blog! We took this recipe from Ralphie and Willie’s momma!)

Favorite Food/Snack: Willie Wilson- Homemade Sweet Potato Treats and anything he can get his hands on

Fun Facts: These two are BIOLOGICAL SIBLINGS – isn’t it funny how different litters can pull so many different colors!!

Love hearing about Ralphie & Willie Wilson, and want to hear about more of our pups? Stay tuned for next months issue of Doodle Tales!

October 24, 2020