Hello There!

We are Stosh’s Puppies. We are a family owned in home program just outside of Cleveland, OH. We may be small but our hearts are big!

Kyle Scharton
Founder of Stoshs Puppies
Hallie Rodriguez
Chief Puppy Lover

Let us Introduce Ourselves

Kyle Scharton is our leader of the litters. She is the ultimate dog mom, loving every single pup as her own. Combining a love for animals, dogs specifically, with a background of spending years as a veterinary technician, Kyle has been breeding beauties for close to a decade. Having four grown children and eleven grandchildren, Kyle has an incredible amount of patience and heart. She is a wealth of knowledge, and puts her all into the upbringing of her puppies.


Hallie Rodriguez is Kyle’s daughter. She is a pro at loving up on the puppies, responding to inquiries that come through, and keeping in contact via social media. Learning from her mom, her knowledge is growing quickly, and loves watching the pups grow.


Mel (not pictured) is the behind the scenes dog dad! He plays a crucial part in the socialization of the puppies.

Meet Stosh

Stosh is our namesake. Stosh is the reason behind our program, and was our first female. She is an F1 Labradoodle Between her amazing temperament, and strong lines, she was the perfect dog to start. An amazing mama, Stosh produced multiple litters of healthy, beautiful puppies. In May 2019, we retired Stosh to allow her to focus on her three true loves: snuggling up next to her mama, belly scratches from daddy, and chasing her ball.

Our Why....

We like to create happiness. We are a close knit bunch that views our dogs as family. We love to see new owners fall in love with a puppy and create a life full of happiness. We chose these breeds because they are the perfect mix. They are smart and loyal and equally as goofy. They love people, and make the perfect additions to a family.

What Makes Us Different....

We are normal people. We love people, we love to be happy, and we love to have fun… we may be a little crazy, but we love puppies! We are different because we care about YOU. We do not view this as just a transaction, but also a lifelong friendship. We are different because we care about you and your puppy forever! We focus on health and temperament, and strive to reach our ultimate goal of sending home happy healthy and confident puppies that will acclimate easily into their new homes.

Our Goal....

We strive to produce very well rounded puppies. Through the use of Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture we make sure to get the puppies used to every surface and situation possible to set them up for as much success as we can in the time they spend with us.

We provide a health guarantee as well as a promise for lifetime breeder support.

The future is looking a "little" bright...

Requests often come in for a smaller breed, a “mini.” After doing extensive research, and wanting to add a happy, healthy, outgoing and people loving breed, we absolutely fell in love with the Cavapoos and Cavachons. Ranging in size from 15-25 lbs. they will keep you laughing and be the perfect “little” addition to your family.