Wow! Can you even believe that this is the end of a decade! Stosh’s Puppies has changed and evolved so much over the last few years, and 2019 was just the start of big and better to come! 

We have had a wildly exciting year, and we want to tell you about it!
In February, we welcomed Stosh’s last litter. This was our Candy litter, as they were born on Valentines day! These were F1B standard labradoodle puppies. They turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!

In May, we added two littles to our program, Frankie and Remy (cavachon & cavapoo!) Frankie was placed in a guardian home until she is ready to produce some adorable babies. Growing up, we only ever had big dogs in our house. Remy changed that, and we loved her so much that we couldn’t have imagined her going somewhere else! She thinks she is 55 lbs like some of the others, and keeps up with each her brothers and sisters. Full of personality, she has truly changed our lives! 

Also in May we chose to retire our very first mama, Stosh. There are not words to describe how proud of her we are, or what she has meant to this program, and more importantly this family! Now she gets to relax, love up on her ball, and try to peak in the puppy room to see what is going on when there are babies in there!

Speaking of a puppy room… in June we transformed a room in my moms house into a puppy room, showing pictures of lots of past puppies in large frames on the walls!

In July, we welcome another amazing litter, our Super Puppy Litter. This one was especially fun, but not just because of the name! We started to experiment with different layouts and pictures, and met some really amazing people that ended up taking these puppies to their forever homes. This litter, we decided to introduce clicker training before they went home. MAN they did not disappoint.

Also in July, big news for me, we welcomed another dog into our program who happens to be my very first puppy on my own! Olive Is an F1 standard labradoodle who has been genetically health tested. She is as sweet as pie.

In October, we welcomed our last litter of the year. This one was fun for us because we decided to let our group vote on what topic we use to name them! They chose holiday desserts, and it didnt disappoint. These F1B standard goldendoodles were Ellie’s first litter. Ellie, an f1 English creme goldendoodle from champion lines, did amazing! 

Lastly, in December, we launched our website. We knew it was something that we wanted to do, and needed to do, we just took a while getting around to doing it! We found a web designer (you’re a rockstar, Jen!) And went wild… and here we are! 

Throughout the last year I have become even more involved with these babies and helping my mom raise them in home. There are so many things that I have learned over the last year, and the last decade. I could speak to you about early neurological stimulation, puppy culture, the different generations, whether or not a puppy has waves, shedding, and so much more. 

We preach that we are a small family owned in home breeder, and that is exactly how we operate. Sometimes it takes am adventure like this to realize how truly lucky you are to have so much information and knowledge at your disposal (talking about you, mom!) 

In 2020, we are planning to elevate ourselves to just be a little bit better. To give you more information and explanation. BUT most importantly, we are going to stay grounded. We are real. We are honest. We care. And we love to have fun!

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives, for reading this far, and for sharing in our happiness with us

Cheers to the next year!