Can you even believe that it’s already time for our Holiday Dessert litter to go home? We can’t either! For eight long weeks these puppies have been in our home, receiving tons of love, attention, and enrichment, and now it’s finally time for them to go to their forever homes. We are so blessed to have found a new group of puppy people to add to our Stosh’s Puppies family!


Something that we have done every single litter (granted, it has gotten better as we have grown), is a “go-home bag” for each pup and their families. We put together a bunch of information, and a few additional goodies to make the transition as seamless as possible, and because it helps us give these little ones to their new families! We thought it might be fun to let you all in on what we give out when it’s time to go home!



So here we are… Our puppy presents. The bag changes, but the contents stay close to the same!


A bag of puppy food with instructions: We like to let you know what the puppies are currently eating, and give you a little bit of it to start you off! We also include brief instructions on how to switch the pup.

A snuffle mat: We make these – by hand, with love for each individual puppy! See our previous blog post for additional information about our snuffles!

A toy: Each puppy will leave our home with their own toy!

A scent towel: The scent towel smells like us, our home, mama, and sometimes some of the other dogs that they are around – this is a sense of comfort for the dogs going to somewhere new!

A scent sock: This is a sock that is filled with smells of their litter mates. Again, this serves as a source of comfort for the babies when they go to their forever homes. Some of the adult dogs STILL carry theirs around with them!

A sock/water bottle toy: These babies love to play with water bottles – they love the sound! Inside of the sock is a plastic water bottle for them to play with!

A clicker: These puppies are all exposed to clicker training. There are great videos on this if you choose to go this path! In addition, in the packets you will find more info about the clickers.

A bone toy: There is a bone with spikes on it. This is really good for the puppies, especially as they are teething. The puppies really like to chew on this. We like to put a little bit of coconut oil or peanut butter on these and let them lick it off/chew on the bone!

Shears: We try to include these as often as we find them! These are our favorites to use on the dogs!

Paperwork: There is a plethora of paperwork that we give you, from grooming to puppy development to what foods are dangerous for dogs, we include as much as we can! There is also a really great document about crate training in there.


As always, we welcome any and all questions, but like to try to prepare our puppy people as best as we can!

Thanks for reading!