December 17, 2019

Everyday I’m Snufflin’

A few litters ago, my mom (Kyle) came to me with a great idea! These breeds of pups are so intelligent that they need to keep their mind busy! Ever since that day, we have sent every pup home with a Snuffle Mat as part of your “go home goody bag.”

What is a snuffle, you ask? It is fleece strips tied through the holes of a rubber mat, that is made with a whole lot of love from us!  (Completely washable by the way!) This is an enrichment toy for your babies which is designed to use their greatest sense – their nose!! This allows them to search for their food, or treats, in a fun scavenger-hunt like way! It allows your dog to indulge in a satisfying mental activity, as well as teach them a little bit of self control. 

We have had some of our pups eat too fast and the owners use the snuffle to try to slow them down! I personally use this for Ollie for fun! She loves to try to find things that are hidden, and the snuffle is the perfect way to do it!


December 17, 2019