I wanted to take a minute and make this a little bit more personal and tell you our story. My name is Hallie, and I am from a tiny little town about 15 minutes south of Cleveland, OH called in Independence! I’m an accountant by day, and a puppy lover by night (well, 24/7 – but you get the drift). As much as I like to be the center of attention, I can’t lie…. I am absolutely not the main attraction. My mom, Kyle, is the breeder. We wanted to give you a little personal taste of us, and our story written in my words…  While I was growing up, she was a registered veterinary technician and always had a strong love of animals. We’ve had cats, dogs, and bunnies along the way. Growing up, she was the person all of our friends would call when they had a question in the middle of the night, or the one that we would look towards for any type of animal answer. With four kids, and a whole lot of grandkids, you’d think that my mom would be ready for some peace and quiet… well let me tell you – she had other plans! When we all moved out, filled our spots with lots of toys, sloppy kisses and muddy pawprints. As you may have (or may not have) read, we have an F1 Labradoodle, Stosh, and she is our namesake. She is where the fun really began! Stosh has a a nose that will sniff out Romito’s pizza a mile away, a knack for finding her ball, even when it is buried under blankets or kicked under a dresser, and a love for her mama and daddy like no other. She is sweet, and brilliant, but equally as silly! I could go on and on about the dogs, but you’ve already ready their bios – so I won’t bore you. The point I’m getting at here, is that over time, I have had the luxury of watching my mom grow. She grew from just being a dog lover to having a solid in home program with genetically health tested dogs, with very nice temperaments that acclimate very well to different situations. She started using early neurological stimulation and puppy culture to aid in this, and is truly amazing. After moving back home for a little bit a few years ago, I was able to really have a first-hand look at what she does, the amount of time she spends with her dogs and with any puppies she has, and I fell in love with it too: the bond I was able to have with her, and also the joy that the dog and pups bring.


I spend a lot of time watching my mom interact with people. She is truly a people person, and will talk to anyone about anything if you let her – but this is what makes us, us! We are puppy people, but we are also people people! We love to laugh, we love to inform, and we love to create friendships. Never in a million years did we think that our story would have taken off like it has, but we are so very grateful for all of you that have gotten us here, and who continue to get us here. We work hard. We look to improve. We look to find new and innovative ways of doing things. We ALWAYS strive to communicate effectively. We say that we love the puppies first, because WE DO!


Stay tuned for our posts about everything under the sun – and feel free to comment or write to us to let us know if something you’d like to hear about!


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